About Us

We do interior design – from Residential interiors and Property Styling, through to Commercial interiors – including workplace, retail, hospitality and healthcare interiors. In between these main focal areas, we also love doing smaller projects like colour consultation, curtain and window treatments, artwork selection and hanging, and accessorising and styling. We also design kitchens, bathrooms, whole house extensions and we do space planning for workplaces. We have also be known to design patios, decks, gardens and other outdoor areas too!

Red Door Interiors Pty Ltd is an Australian interior design company that has been trading since January 2003 and specialises in all aspects of interior design on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Our director, Deborah Atkins, has over 20 years of interior design experience, and has managed major interior projects both in Australia and overseas.

These have included hotel function rooms, boutique hotels, public areas and lobbies of residential units, commercial and corporate interiors in shopping centres and businesses, hospitality area and healthcare facilities, as well as many, many residential projects. Besides designing and styling the interior of a space, Red Door Interiors likes to also look at how the interiors flow into the exterior spaces. “We are so fortunate with our amazing climate that we can incorporate our exteriors in our lifestyles and we should use them to the maximum. Whether it is a small balcony or a large garden it should be an extension of our interior.” says Deborah.

“Interior design is incredibly powerful as it can alter the way we feel instantly – from possibly feeling depressed or stressed to suddenly feeling uplifted and relaxed when surrounded by a beautiful interior. That is what we aim to achieve with our interiors – we want it to be a whole mind, body and soul experience!”

Red Door Interiors takes pride in ensuring that everything in the project runs smoothly and to budget, and also that the new interior instantly improves the outlook of the space and the people who use it. However, don’t just take our word on this – we have a host of happy clients who can confirm this.

What our Clients Say